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1. Why

We built this website so you can “Actually Find What You’re Looking For!” allows users the unique ability to find locally-accessible products and services through a comprehensive, web-based classified listing.

2. What is PAMP?

PAMP is the’s Precision Advertising and Marketing Program. PAMP allows advertisers on the ability to put their products in front of the most directly-focused, active customers on the Internet.

3. What are the projected site statistics?

2 million Unique Users from the World Wide Web at home and work with 10 million page views per month. Myrtle Beach saw over 300,000 hits with 5.5 Pages Per Visit in January 2017.

4. Will PAMP campaign-effectiveness data be available to advertisers?

Online reporting is available to all advertisers for all campaign data. will supply an unique Username and Password to each advertiser. Average Ad Click Through Rate is 3.82%, and Average Cost Per Click is $0.57 (January 2017).

5. According to Emily Schiola in her 17 April 2014 article, “6 Craigslist alternatives for online classified ads,” the top six alternatives to craigslist are ebayclassified, oodle, recycler, pawngo, adoos, and hoobly. Since you entered the market as the “Best Listing Site on the Internet,” how do you compare to her current market favorites?

The good news is that the has parity with all the great things about these websites. The better news is that the has previously addressed these issues, and they are not issues with our site!

In her article, updated by Brandon Widder, Ms. Schiola comments: 

     “Like most things, eBay classified does have a downside. When you complete a search, you have to scroll past six sponsored links before arriving at the site’s actual posts.”

          We are not sponsored by intrusive links.

     “One thing Oodle has over eBay Classifieds is the ability to post if you’re a seeker — meaning if you’re looking to buy, rent, or need certain services.”

            We offer a Wanted section.

     “Recycler offers listings in most major cities in the United States — such as Atlanta, Boston, and Miami — but the site is rather useless if you’re not willing to trek to the nearest listed metropolis.”

          We offer listings in over 450 areas… in fact, if you are in an area that is underserved, contact us and we’ll gladly add it.

     “Pawngo is more of a online pawnshop…”

          We offer a free marketplace in the form of online classified ads.

     “It may take some time to sift through the entries and find those applicable to you given the sheer amount of Adoos listings acting as advertisements for external sites, along with the site’s inability to narrow your location further than your city…”

          We have a Services Listing for businesses.

     “Though finding jobs and products in your particular city can be difficult [on Hoobly] — the site can only filter results as far as states with available listings…”

          We developed this project with the express ability for people to shop locally.

6. Do you have a Rate Card?

Yes, the Rate Card link is in the footer navigation.

Updated: 25 October 2019