NationalTrader.biz owes its beginning to a humble Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation developed in 1997 by W. Gregory Bell. As the owner of Savoir Faire Productions, Inc. of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mr. Bell developed a marketing kiosk in response to a growing frustration with the lack of local merchandise availability on such sites as Auto Trader and eBay.

1999 brought many changes to this project. New Horizon Automotive Group, Inc. of Fredericksburg, Virginia took the project over and changed its format to a web-page: NewHorizonAuto.com. The early challenges of database management proved to be daunting. Over the years, several programmers tried to develop a web-based database management system, all with limited success. 2003 brought the closest version that was unable to resolve the Graphic User Interface (GUI). The next ten (10) years were spent waiting for technology and programming to catch up to consumer wants and needs.

Enter April 2014, Chuck Bunnell, Shawn Crigger, and Kyle Dickerson used their combined software development and database management expertise to finally develop this groundbreaking marketplace. Mr. Bunnell, together with Mr. Bell, Cecilia Franklin Bell, Alan Rhodes, Richard Weston,, and Craig Lindner are the current Directors of NationalTrader.biz. Although these Directors are pleased with the project's progress and performance to date, comments and suggestions are always welcome and encouraged.

We would be remiss were we not to acknowledge the hard work and encouragement of those whose kind assistance has brought this project about. A special thanks to Rajah D. Chowbay who provided the technical "spark." A very special thank you to Mr. James R. Land, Sr. who worked diligently on the early stand-alone versions of the database in FoxPro and Access. Without his technical and financial assistance, this project would have died years ago. Thank you to: Cecilia Bell, Alyce Boyd, James Land, Jr., Saeed Gauss, Navneet Gupta, Sohaila Abbasi, Sandy DiNicola, C. Reeve Baker, Larry Burgess, Virgil (JR) Burgess, Eugene Griswold, William (Bill) Wasson, Debbie Burgess, Lee Geraci, Adam DeSio, Gary and June Gabler Woditsch, Melinda (Mindi) Slaven, Aileen Cahill, Billy Hughes, Steven Jara, Alan Rhodes, Carma Noland, Richard Weston, Shawn Crigger, Bernie Sanchez, Pete Pecora, Mikaela Kate, Marion Fukes, Tina Lindner, Robyn Beliveau, and Julia Flynn Werre. Your support has been great.

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Disclaimer: This site is offered as a public forum for trading information. Neither NationalTrader.biz, its owners, nor any of its affiliates, guarantees the accuracy of the information provided. NationalTrader.biz assumes no role or responsibility as broker for buying or selling anything listed on this site.

Updated: 20 April 2019.